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TEDx Portland State Univ.

Thank you to all who came to watch our YouTube Live event this last October. Together, we created a TEDx community of over 300 attendees! Our team is taking some much needed self-care, see you soon.


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Until next time, please stream our most recent and archive talks. 

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Speaker Applications

Do you dream big, show the real you, make the complex plain, and connect with people's emotions? If so, our team looks forward to reviewing your application. Deadlines will be announced Fall 2021.

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Illustrated by Aaryn Masangcay, Intern 2020'


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Sigh - 2020 was super tough on all of us, and our team definitely needs some T.L.C., but don't worry, we'll be back soon! We continue to stay active on social media channels like Instagram and Facebook.

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Local Pioneers

Partners and Neighbors

Our partners are ready to share their passion for social change and help us fight for equity in our neighborhoods. We focused on our BIPOC-owned business as neighbors this year, to bring attention to those in our community who deserve it most. 

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Our Pandemic Ride or Dies

Student and Alum Team

TEDxPortlandStateUniversity is a student-run non-profit organization. We are a team of committed, diverse problem solvers, who believe in TED's mission of sharing, amplifying, and proactively building community and spreading ideas.

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